Create MKV files from your DVDs and Blu-rays



MakeMKV is a useful application that can create MKV files from any DVD or Blu-ray.

The program reads the discs that you insert in your machine, showing all the tracks on the DVD or Blu-ray organized into individual clips so you can choose which ones you want to rip to create a file with the images, audio, and subtitles included.

The details of each element are shown, too, including the extension, size, length, codec, and language. Once you mark all the files you want from the DVD, you just have to press the 'Make MKV' button.

MakeMKV gets around practically any anti-copy protection system, so the only thing you have to worry about is choosing the parts of the DVD you want, no matter the format.

This application works pretty quickly, but the extraction time depends on the speed of your disc reader and the quality of the clips being converted to the output MKV.

Another feature that stands out in this program is that it can stream selected videos using a link generated on the local network.
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